Tornado Air Boat Applications

Air Boats are a unique water craft, with an extremely shallow draft and amphibious characteristics, they are commonly used in the United States of America in the Florida Everglades, where conventional water craft will not go. That is shallow water, Marsh lands, Ice as well as normal inland water ways. Therefore the uses these vessels can be put to are many and varied:

  • Work Boats and Punts
  • Air Boats for Search and Rescue
  • Environmental project Air Boats
  • National Parks and Wild Life Air Boats
  • Air Boats for Government Agencies
  • Air Boats for Research Station Tenders
  • Air Boats for Seismic Work
  • Drilling Rig Air Boats
  • Air Boats for Surveyors
  • Fire Fighting Air Boats
  • Air Boats for Agricultural Work
  • Air Boats for Insect and Weed Control
  • Air Boats for Police, Ambulance & Armed Forces
  • Air Boats for Ice Boats in Antarctica
  • Fishing, Touring & Pleasure Air Boats
  • And Tour Operations Air Boats
Allow us to fit an Air Boat to your particular need!